Sunday, November 9, 2008

NYC say Hello to New Zealand

This is a T-shirt from the show "NIGHT BREED" which was held in Auckland, New Zealand early this year in May. The two artists from the show are Peap & 2TONE, they both work and live in New Zealand, but since their talents are so hard to resist, "What's good in NYC" has to introduce them to NYC! And we did and Interview with Peap so that NYC can get to know who he is..

NYC ask : what is your day time job besides being an artist?
Peap  (full name, Samapeap Tarr) : "My day job at the moment is a graphic designer and illustrator at an online learning company in New Zealand, but in about a week, i'll be doing contract and more freelance design work and dedicate my full strength to my art.

NYC ask : tell NYC about your background?
Peap : "My background is a mixture of different cultures, my mom is Cambodian, my dad is from NZ, but they have various mixtures, so I have Cambodian, Chinese, Irish, English and Scottish blood..haha.. and my daughter is even more mixed up than me, my family is like one of those smoothies you get at the juice bar."

NYC ask : How did you get started in doing art shows? and what was your 1st and latest show you did?
Peap : "When I finished my BFA of Graphic Design, I was set out to be a full fledge designer, I did design to earn a living for my family, but I have always been doing my art regardless. My 1st show was called "Artbeatz in Auckland, NZ, that was in 2005, my very close friend & good friend Alex McDonald Bush aka AMBUSH who by the way is an incredible designer/photographer/artist, asked me if I wanted to be in this art show he was in, since he knew that was my true passion and basically thanks to Alex putting me down, it sparked back my passion. I sold my work and I was like ..wait a minute and Boom! here I am.. So, Alex, if you're reading this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 
The most recent show was called "NIGHTBREED" held at Qubic in Auckland, NZ, it was me and my good friend 2TONE, who is a dope graffiti artist. We brought our two styles together."

** not to mentioned Peap was in a group show in LA, which also featured in Hi-Fructose **

NYC asked : What's your next art project? 
Peap : " The show is called SERPENTARIO which in Spanish translates to English "The Snakes Lair", will be held in Melbourne Australia, early December. The early stages for the show came about when my good friend Chaz (aka Chaz Bojorquez) told me that his friend Peque, one of Mexico's top graffiti artist and his wife Cara (who's also originally from NZ) were coming down to my part of the world. So, eventually when me, Cara, and Peque got in contact with each other, so we came up with the idea to put this art show together. The artists involved are Peque from Mexico, Misery from NZ, ASKEW from NZ, 2TONE from NZ, Berns from NZ via Peru, TEAZER from Sydney Australia , CPHO from Brisbane Australia, and last but not least me, Peap from the global community.."

NYC asked : What keep you going as an artist?
Peap : "Art is my life, I live it and breath it every chance i get, i'll be drawing and painting, it's what keeps me straight in life. My daughter Pairewa is also one of my biggest inspiration in life, and just to see her paint and draw, it inspires me even more."

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