Monday, November 24, 2008


Talented young artist is always adding colors and more characteristic to NYC.
"Patrick Francisco" is one of the young & artistic individual who does several group shows in NYC. Check out Patrick's works and his interview with WHAT'S GOOD IN NYC.
and if you love UFC, must see Patrick's Chuck Liddell Custom Toy!!

NYC asked : Hi Patrick, tell us about yourself, where did you go to Art School? and what do you do by day besides being an exhibited artist in NYC?

Patrick : Hi  What's good in NYC. I have a BFA in Illustration from SUNY FIT where I studied just a few years ago. I am also regularly in Spring Studio to keep myself drawing. Other than my personal art, I freelance doing production, retouching, or design for print. I was also recently appointed as APW Gallery's marketing manager.

NYC asked :  A lot of your artworks, you chose Chimp/Monkey images for the theme, how did that come about?

Patrick : Initially, I started doing them in college to take a break from my usual portrait/figurative based work. With the chimps/monkeys I was able to focus more on expression than a likeness. I actually think it's easier to relate to the chimps/monkeys since their identity is non-specific.

NYC asked : If it's not chimp or monkey, where did you usually pick up your inspiration from when you do your artwork? and who's your favorite artist?

Patrick : I'm inspired by people and especially their faces. There is such a range of expressions and emotions in people and it provides constant inspiration. As for other artists, I always say Kent Williams because I'm a huge fan but I also really love the works of illustrators like Jon Foster, James Jean, and Sam Weber. With customs, I think Betso, Scribe, and Monster Decay are always inspiring.
NYC asked : By the way, we love your Chuck Liddell Custom Toy you did!! Can you tell us more about that piece and what make you choose to do Chuck?

Patrick : I've been following MMA, especially the UFC, for a little while now and Chuck is definitely a strong representation of the sport. From an artist's point of view, Chuck was a good choice as he is easily recognizable with his trademark look, from the mohawk to the shorts. I am drawn to watching MMA because there are no hidden intentions between two individual competitors. MMA is a necessary relief from the excess of fake shit in the real world.

NYC asked : What is your next project or next show?

Patrick : It may be too early to specifically describe, but I am starting a series of paintings and drawings for two shows this Spring. The works will mostly involve portraits where the subject interacts with an animal of some sort. A majority of the work will be in APW in May 2009 and two or three will go to Florida in March. Wathc my blog for previews and info as the shows approach. (Patrick's blog can be found at our Links : 
I am being very selective with other projects/commissions until these two shows pass.

NYC asked : Are you also working closely with APW gallery, would you like to share any information about the APW gallery? 

Patrick : APW is expanding at such a rate that we are marketing the necessary move to a 5,000 square foot space in Long Island City. The gallery has exhibited works from a variety of emerging and mid-career artists. There are also some great talents lined up for solo shows in 2009. A list of the solo artists will be released soon. Check out  (also listed as one of WHAT'S GOOD IN NYC's LINKS)
NYC asked : What keep you going on doing artwork? and What is the most inspiration to you?

Patrick : What keep me going is the need to express myself through the creation of something. In college I worked in a hospital pushing wheelchairs and taking the deceased to the morgue. Then straight out of school I was working a dull desk job, doing things with graphic software that I didn't care for. Both jobs drove me nuts. The thought of going back to that keeps me motivated to maintain a creative living. My cat helps too... :)

NYC : thanks Patrick! you can check out more of Patrick's work at

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