Sunday, March 29, 2009

Designer from NYC launched boutique in West Coast

IDOM's name (pronounced like "item" but with a "D") is derived by reversing the letters in the owner's name, "MODI" (Modi Soondarotok), IDOM founded in 2006, is a Portland-based fashion boutique specializing in fashionable clothing with an in-house label of the same name.

Founder/owner, Modi, is a native of Thailand, moved to the US at the age of 12. Her zeal for fashion eventally led her to NYC where she studied and graduated Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. While enrolled at Parsons, Modi broadened her expertise by earning positions in highly selective fashion programs in both London and Paris. With the valuable experience she gained working for such world-renowned designers as Peter Som, Twinkle, Donna Karen, and Armani in NYC. Modi moved from NYC back to Oregon in 2006 to launch her own fashion line and opened IDOM boutique.
IDOM launches its fourth season of high fashion women's wear. Designer, Modi, sites her mother, grandmother and the strength of her female friendships as the muses for her Spring-Summer collection. (she named some of her design after her friends) Modi's Designs also took shape from the inspiration as she found in lace, the way it represents femininity and has been used in various cultures throughout history. IDOM's Spring-Summer collection is available at IDOM boutique located at 1600 NE Alberta St. in Portland (this is to shout out to West coast friend, please visit the store) and for NYC and friends oversea, you can check out and pick out some IDOM's design on line through its website :
this green dress "Paridee's Dress" named after her NYC friend.


IDOM said...

hi ruk,

thank you so much for posting about idom. you are awesome! i miss you and new york.
talk soon.
love you lots,

wcgillian said...

Sawadee krap
Nice post young lady. I look forward to maybe taking a look at Modi's boutique with my wife. Portland is a stones throw away.


angie said...

Love seeing another blogger sharing Modi's work! The collection is so beautiful. I'm very lucky to live in Portland and can visit Idom regularly to enjoy these pieces in person! *a

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