Monday, March 16, 2009

Emperial Nation is WHAT'S GOOD IN NYC

Emperial Nation is the T-shirt brand that portrays concept of History through its Graphic.
The idea of telling History from French Revolution, Harlem Renaissance, American Civil Unrest, the Ottoman Empire, Wild West, to Gangs of New York. 
What's good in NYC has to say "that's what's up!" 
So, we want to give a shout out of their new collection.
and check out more Emperial Nation Product at :
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(click on each image below for close-up)


DSF said...

Loved the Bad News Tee-Black. Too bad they don't have it small on their website, I think the M would be big for me, and I don't know if they deliver it in Brazil.
Another nice post, as always Paridee

peap said...

The NEw Tees are looking GReat!