Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shout out to Australian Artists/Hip-Hop Act: NYC Check it out!

Bliss N Eso
From an early stage in their career, this Australian artist/band, Bliss N Eso primarily built their fan base from their compelling and energetic live performances. An exhilarating blend of fluid rhymes and banging beats teamed with beat boxing, impromptu freestyling and seamless turntablism make their live shows a brand in their own right, and has seen the group hailed as one of the best live acts in Australia. 
In 2008, Bliss N Eso released their 3rd album : "Flying Colours", which recieved near perfect review in countless media, broke all kinds of records for an Australian hip-hop act, one of their monster singles that hit the highest selling of the year is The Sea is Rising (watch VDO clip).

Adelaide's iconic Lowrider are a testament to the fact that the most integral part of being a successful band is making good music. With no gimmicks, special effects or record label backing, this foursome managed to build a reputation as one of Australia's most incredible bands without so much as an EP to their name. Two albums and hundreds of live show later, Lowrider are undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed acts to emerge from Australia over the past decade. 
With smoothly delivered vocals over a simple ensemble of beats, bass and keys, Lowrider create an immaculate fusion of soul and funk. Lowrider are a collective, a real band and an indication that musicians still get in a room and jam even in the digital era.

X & Hell grew up in suburban Melbourne on a diet of shopping center hanging. BMX racing, VDO game arcades, dodging school and racking porn, rap and shitty 90's music. The boys did what any self-respecting teenage deviants do and began rapping at bus stops and racket fuel powered backyard parties. Fast forward a few years and the boys had grown up (well) and formed a pretty legitimate hip-hop act. 
Teaming with producer and friend Styalz Fuego (Sneaky Sound System, Chamillionaire), the boys (producer/rapper/hardman X and singer/rapper/comedian/bodybuilder Hell) began work on a brand new album, Million Dollar Sex Party, kick-starting a musical departure of catastrophic proportions for the group in the process. 
And this is one of their new stuff, Don'T Stop Movin.

In a genre where longevity and relevance can be one of the biggest struggles for any act, Downsyde have proved that after more than ten years that they are not only still as important and popular as ever (in Australian music industry), but by all accounts they are actually growing stronger with each passing release. 
After three classic LPs, Downsyde joined forces with Illusive Sounds to release their ridiculously anticipated fourth full-length album, All City. Four years had passed, filled with rumours of breakups, refromations, secret shows and imaginary tours. The fact is much less dramatic, they had locked themselves away in the studio, polishing and refining their signature sound into something even more remarkable. and this one of their new stuff.