Monday, September 21, 2009

Young & Talented artist is What's Good in NYC

We would like to introduce you Eric Jordan,
a young artist who live & works in NYC
as an illustrator & graphic designer.
AND please see info of his upcoming show below..

WGinNYC : Hi Eric, What got you into doing illustration? and Why Illustration?

EJ : I would have to say my father and also my cousin. My father would draw my pictures of superheros as a child. I always found it amazing. I think what made it so special to me was that my father in no way was an artist but yet the outcome, at least to me, was awesome. That and my cousin would and still does actually, subscribe to automotive magazines. The inside of these magazines would religiously have watercolor illustrations of new, concept and otherwise cool cars. I thought it was the best thing. Between the two experiences I thought that I had to do it. And here we are.

WGinNYC : When and where is your up coming show?

EJ : My show is on September 23 in Philly at this restaurant and lounge Ms.Tootsies. Located in the downtown portion of the city. It should be a great event. The first two shows went really well. This show will have dope work, free tees and watches along with excellent people attending.

WGinNYC : Did you go to art school to form your skills?

EJ : I did. I went to an arts high school and college. I went to the University of the Arts and graduated in 2007. Since then I've been both a graphic designer and editorial illustrator.

WGinNYC : Who is your inspiration in term of artist or illustrator?

EJ : My inspiration besides the goal to make people happy from viewing a completed piece would be artists I think straight dominated the field. I look to a few different artists like Dubelyoo, Mike Thompson, Adi Granov, classic Norman Rockwell and who I call the God, Tim Obrien.

WGinNYC : What is your favorite medium?

EJ : My favorite medium is an HB pencil. To me it works wonders and looks and even feels phenomenal. As of late I have been partial to watercolor. The feeling a watercolor painting gives off to me is so pure. It looks like something so natural and free. A reason why artist Sean Henry will be in the third show.

WGinNYC : What is the project that you're currently working on?

EJ : Right now I'm finishing up a painting of Urkel from the show Family Matters. You remember that show right? lol I'm pretty excited about it. Check out the process of me painting this piece on my blog.

WGinNYC : Besides Illustration what else do you do?

EJ : Besides painting. I'm a graphic designer for clothing company Rocksmith. I design tees for them as well as other things but the tees are exciting. It was pretty dope to see Jay-Z rock the Notorious 81 tee I designed for them. It made my day. Pics of the tee are on the blog as well.

WGinNYC : What is your goal as an artist and in life in general?

To make people happy.

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